LASIK Eye Surgery – What You Need to Understand Before Having LASIK

LASIK eye surgery can advantage lots of people who experience low to reasonable vision problems. LASIK eye surgical treatment is a quick and painless treatment, but there are some risks and problems involved with the surgery.

It is important to understand what happens before, after and during LASIK eye surgery, if you are thinking of having the surgery. It is also advantageous to possess realistic expectations of the LASIK eye surgery before the procedure begins.

Many good LASIK surgeons will talk to you and fully explain the before and after procedure. Like most patients, you will probably have many questions about the LASIK eye surgery. The following are a list of frequently asked questions about the LASER EYE SURGERY eye surgery.

Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

It depends upon many factors for a person to become a good candidate for LASIK eyesight surgery. When you make an initial scheduled appointment for LASIK eye surgery, your eye care professional will ask many questions and take a comprehensive health history.

Additionally , you eyes and the history of your vision complications will also be a major factor in whether or not you could have the LASIK eye surgery treatment. For people with certain health problems such as autoimmune diseases and diabetes, LASIK is normally not recommended.

A person cannot have LASIK eye surgery if he is underneath the age of 18. Certain degenerative eyes diseases might also disqualify you through having LASIK eye surgery. Your LASIK surgeon will make a decision depending on all of these factors. Those who are not good applicants for the LASIK surgery can have poor outcomes.

Are there any LASIK complications?

Indeed. As with any surgery or medical procedure there are LASIK complications and risks. Most people who have the surgery do not have problems, however some people do.

Reduced lower light vision is the most commonly documented side effect of the LASIK eye surgical treatment. This can cause glowing or halos around lit objects at night. Over time the side effects of the LASIK vision surgery will disappear over a period of period.

There are some long-term LASIK complications which have been report, though they are rare. Many people could experience worse eyesight than they had before LASIK eye surgical treatment.

Will LASIK vision correction get rid of the need for corrective lenses?

The brief answer to that is maybe. Most people who have the LASIK eye surgery might still need to wear some form of glasses or contacts. This does not imply that the surgery had a poor end result. This is normal and should be expected.

LASIK is not a means to totally correct vision problems. It is designed to enhance eyesight. Those who go into LASIK expecting ideal vision with an unlikely expectation should not undergo treatment.

How much is the Cost of LASER EYE SURGERY eye surgery?

The cost of LASIK vision surgery will depend on where you live, the condition of the eyes and what kind of method is used. Those with more severe vision problems will cost a bit more.
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Generally, you can plan on spending at least $2000 for the LASIK treatment.

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