Will i Need a Business License?

When you have just started a new business, occur to be probably aware that you’ll need a number of business licenses. But what you might not be aware of is that the term “business license” doesn’t refer to a specific, unique record; there may be any number of licenses or lets that your company needs in order to remain in compliant. Here, we’ll go over the procedure for determining your business license needs, the types of licences and enables out there, and the most effective ways for you to keep the business in compliance.

How business license requirements are determined

Your company license and permit requirements depend on a few things:

Your entity type (whether you’re a corporation, LLC, single proprietorship, or other type of entity)
The purpose of your business (there are industry-specific permits and licenses)
The specific specifications of your city, county, and state
In some cases, if you are engaged in any federally regulated activities, you might also need a support or license from the federal level.

Types of business licenses and allows

There are an astonishing amount of business licenses and permits out there, for nearly every type of business available. The next list, while nowhere near extensive, contains a sampling of some of the company licenses available:

Alcohol and smoking cigarettes permit
Bakery license
Body piercing license
Childcare license
Collections company license
Cosmetology license
Engineering license
Environmental permit
Food/beverage license
Infestation control license
Real estate license
Eating place license
Sidewalk cafe permit
Taxi service permit
Waste transportation permit
Note that each state differs in terminology, as well as requirements, so it’s vital that you take your time with your research.

How to acquire your necessary licenses and allows

There are a few different ways to go about determining your license and permit requirements.

one Contact your state and local governments for their requirements.

Your state’s Section of Consumer Affairs, Department associated with State, or Department of Licensing may have the information you need; if you’re unsure what department of your state works with business licenses, try the Companies Division for guidance. At the region level, try contacting your State Clerk or your County Treasurer / Tax Collector’s office. At the city level, try your Town or Town Hall.

2 . Hire a corporate attorney.

If you don’t desire to do all of the legwork yourself, you could have a corporate attorney determine what your own type of business might need as far as licenses and permits.

3. Hire the third-party filing service.

A third-party filing service will be cheaper than a corporate attorney or legal adviser, since you’re not paying for legal advice; numerous third parties have an electronic data source of business licenses and lets, and they can easily run your company through their system and let you know what you’re required to file in order to stay in compliance. Typically, you will receive a listing of the required forms; many third-party providers even provide you with the forms themselves.

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