Trying out SEO – Learning to Get Positioned

I am a strong believer that the only method you can improve is by experimenting. It frustrates me to see a lot of people looking to have things handed for them on a plate or not actively searching for answers themselves. You have so many questions in your mind. Find some of the answers your self just by testing different actions to see what responses you get. This is how something is improved. This is true of anything in your life. It is also true associated with learning SEO and which aspects can do most to boost your site’s ranking.

Rather than just take everything that you have read, begin your own little web site and start to run tests on it.
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Observe what you can do to boost its ranking and find out what has the greatest effect. You understand about blog commenting, you know about article marketing, you know about ‘hubs’ and ‘lens’, you know about Twitter and Facebook, you understand about blog interaction, link building, hyperlink baiting etc . You have read plenty of ideas on SEO and you have maybe occasionally tried one or two of them out once or twice. Now stop and decide if you are going to truly learn what makes a difference.

Begin your own experiment. Not just once or twice, but really go for it. Comment on one thousand blogs and see the effect and seeing what shows up as “dofollow” link is worth noting.

Try link exchange, see the effect.
Build up a big Tweets profile, see the effect.
Submit several hundred articles and see the effect.
Understand by experimenting and you will truly find out, but also you will begin to move ahead from the field because you are no longer relying on another person to tell you what to do but you are starting to seek answers yourself and use those powers within you.
Start experimenting with SEO today and begin making some money. Don’t pay when you can simply test out what works yourself… and learn more.

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