Combine Vacation and Experience: Consider an Internship Overseas

In today’s competitive market, job seekers need to find an edge. Sometimes education and extracurricular activities might not be enough to set one job seeker apart from another. At these times job seekers also need to demonstrate real world experience.

One of the best ways to get this experience is through an internship. Internships give people, often college and university students, the ability to learn the ropes of a particular industry or position, making them ideal for getting the proverbial foot in the door.

But, with the idea of an internship comes the decision of where to undertake one. Some people opt to stay near home, interning at a local or semi-local company in their hometown or home state. Others may prefer to venture far away, even overseas.

For many students an international internship is often the most appealing choice. An international internship, because it gives people a way to vacation, sight see, and gain professional experience simultaneously, is an attractive option for quite a few students.

The benefits of an international internship also include:

Internships Abroad Offer Variety: Whether you are looking for business internships, journalism internships, or anything in between, you can find a program abroad. With the many available internships overseas, participants can choose art internships, architecture internships, legal internships or whatever situation seems best for them.

Internships Abroad Offer Experience: Obviously, the biggest reason for taking an internship is the experience, both professional and personal, that it offers. Summer business internships, for example, are a great way to get an “in” with this competitive and lucrative industry and gain valuable knowledge. But, experience does not have to be limited to the office. With an overseas internship, participants get to experience another culture as well as advance their career.

If a participant chooses to go to Australia, for instance, they get to experience the Outback, the wildlife, and the culture of a new place. They get to see a part of the world foreign to them. Each day is, virtually, eight hours of work and sixteen hours of vacation.

Internships Abroad Improve Resumes: Arguably, any kind of internship can help a resume, because experience is nearly always good.
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But, international internships have an edge on local ones because they show companies that participants are daring, and that they are willing to go outside their comfort zone and take chances. Summer business internships overseas, as opposed to stateside, may also open doors to new opportunities: the more people you meet, the more likely a job offer will appear.

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