Prospect Overage MLM Advertising Company Review

Prospect Overage is an MLM Advertising Business that really pushes the fact that you can purchase MULTILEVEL MARKETING Leads for under $10. 00 and is all for the small business owner on a tight budget as well as people who want to purchase larger Advertising Packages. Once you get to their site the first thing they encourage you to do is to signup for a free account. You don’t have to purchase any leads in this way, this is just their way of enabling you to take advantage of their member specific prospect specials.

Lead Overage offers numerous MLM Advertising Packages. They start with their Lead Sampler Packs. In this category are the Bronze Package that provides 110 leads for just under 10 dollars. Their Silver Package provides 220 leads for $19. ninety five and their Gold Sampler Bundle offers 440 for $34. ninety five. These MLM Leads are somewhat aged so you’ll end up receiving a much better value for the cost.

One more popular package offered by Lead Overage are their Aged Phone Dialer Lead Packages. These leads are specifically made to be placed into a Predictive Dialing Service such as Voiceshot, iBuzzPro, etc .. The company claims that these MLM Advertising Leads have taken care of immediately specific ads that they have placed on the web. The company also offers a 10% break if you go on auto-ship, which means your own card will be billed each month for the and they will be delivered to you each month automatically.

If you’re from Canada and can only used MLM Advertising network marketing leads from this area, Lead Overage offers your back.
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They aggregate these MULTILEVEL MARKETING Leads by having Canadians fill out an 8 question long form and provide these leads to the public. These particular Multi-level marketing Leads are just 1-8 days older. They claim that it may take up to several days to collect and deliver these types of prospects once you order them. When they are ready you will be able to download them in the back office that they give you. Right now they are having a special on these packages. For example , when you order 35 they will give you seventy prospects.

As we perused their website just a little further we also discovered that Business lead Overage offered female MLM Advertising Leads as well. These prospects are just 1-7 days old. Just like the packages above, you’ll receive 10% away from if you go on auto-ship. They’re currently offering a 2: 1 Business lead Special where you’ll receive 2 leads for the price of one. The most expensive package we saw in this area was 200 Leads for $90. 00. At the bottom of this section we discovered 3 testimonials with pictures, names, state and country but simply no website references on these testimonies.

It’s hard to say if Guide Overage will fit your MLM Advertising needs. The only way to be sure is to purchase a small package and test them out, that’s the only true litmus check. Our research shows the site proceeded to go live in January of 2006 which the owners are based in the San Diego Area and are from a business called Intelligent Income Solutions. They also claim on their website that they are necessary to purchase a large amount of leads per day or generate a lot to stay in business to pay for currently high consumer requirement.

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