68 Or 43 Caliber Paintball Pistol?

Since the conception of paintball, the sport has seen many changes. In the early 90’s the sport was met with an invasion of semi-auto paintball guns. What once was a pistol filled sport, became an environment filled with semi-auto markers that used multi-hundred round hoppers and larger than life CO2 tanks. New technology changed the sport – as well as hype. Recently, things have settled down, and more players are looking for reliable backup pistols to act as a secondary marker to their primary. The paintball pistol market has grown immensely to fill this need.

Nowadays, the world of paintball has split into multiple sizes. By sizes I mean calibers. By calibers, I mean different sizes of paintballs. What used to be a.68 caliber dominated sport, has become a sport of different calibers. In the realm of paintball pistols, you can find two dominant sizes – .43 and .68 caliber round. These are the most popular rounds used by pistols in paintball.

Different sized pistols appeal to different players. When deciding which caliber of pistol is for you, you must decide what you prefer the most. A good number of factors can help you decide which is best for you.
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For instance, some players like to be able to shoot as far as their primary marker can, so they will go for a .68 caliber paintball pistol. Others however, want their pistol to shoot a smaller caliber round to resemble the real deal more so. For others, it may be efficiency, as they want the most shots per 12 gram CO2 cartridge. If that is the case then a .43 caliber paintball pistol is right for you.

Getting the right paintball pistol that meets your needs is imperative. Some players prefer efficiency over distance, and will want a pistol that shoots a smaller caliber paintball round. Other people will want distance, and will go for a .68 pistol. Furthermore, if the idea of buying 2 types of rounds for your primary and pistol doesn’t appeal to you, then stick with a .68 caliber paintball pistol. In the end, it all boils down to preference, and you should get the pistol that best suits you.

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